Building & Establishing

Going into a new demographic area, establishing subsidiaries or building a new manufacturing plant, establishing a new local agent or gathering the business intelligence needed the expertise in a number of issues gained by experience.

The expertise in our field:

  • Building greefield installations
  • Building brownfield installations

  • Building subsidiaries
  • Establishing distribution network

  • Managing subsidaries
  • Managing corporate business

As our experience derive from diverse cultures and demographics, we're able to do the job, right from our knowledge.

Preliminary Consultation Service Includes

As it's important to establish the best possible cooperation, we need to agree on what we're expecting and what we're doing. Counseling and discussion is necessary for the way to go.

  • Unlimited email and phone consultations.

  • Generous in person or skype consultations.

  • Planning for our way ahead.

  • Customized roadmap.

  • Budget Breakdown - Preliminary plan for your budget.
  • Identfying you challenge.

  • Looking intor your needs.

  • Identifying yor demands.

  • Negotiating our cooperation.

  • Budget Breakdown - preliminary