International & Global

Having the skills and experience in operating globally. As we've spent decades working, interacting, and doing business with people, companies, and governments worldwide, having the network and the contacts to solve your international needs is especially for you.

We possess the demographic understanding, the business experience and the cosmopolitan mindset to operate globally.

The experience derives from strategic and operational assignment from Asia, Europe, Middeleast, Africa and the Americas, where we've been on location for more that three months, and up to three years, on each assignment.

Our business network and cooperation partner are located across the globe in every continent.

We open doors to international markets and to established contacts.

Preliminary Consultation Service Includes

As it's important to establish the best possible cooperation, we need to agree on what we're expecting and what we're doing. Counseling and discussion are necessary for the way to go.

  • Unlimited email and phone consultations.

  • Generous in-person or skype consultations.

  • Planning for our way ahead.

  • Customized roadmap.

  • Budget Breakdown - Preliminary plan for your budget.
  • Identifying your challenge.

  • Looking into your needs.

  • Identifying your demands.

  • Negotiating our cooperation.

  • Budget Breakdown - preliminary